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Working On A Dream

By: Nick Lanciani

Dear Reader,

I can finally say I’ve made it. Sort of.

I’ve landed a new position in my emerging career that will likely take up a lot of my new found free time in life after college (again, sort of– I only have one more class and it’s online). So what this means is that Down the Frozen River will go on just as usual, but I may or may not always have time to get to do what I intended to do all along in my spare time after school (write endlessly until someone noticed me and hired me).

Connor will still write his Game of the Day matchups, Colby will still write “Colby’s Corner”, Frank will keep writing his column and everything else will continue to operate as normal. Don’t worry. Your favorite content won’t stop and whatever I wrote that you previously ignored/glanced over might be less frequent.

I will, however, continue to produce episodes of the Down the Frozen River Podcast and update my projected stats as best as I can, but if you don’t see me interacting with content as much as I have in the past, it’s nothing personal.

I want to thank everyone once again and give another special shout out to the Carolina Panthers Radio Network (shouts to y’all).

In the meantime, if you like watching the Bruins, hopefully I don’t ruin that for you, because I’ll be taking some of the controls, tracking stats and researching stuff for on-air in the background. I’m looking forward to getting started at NESN and would like to thank you all for reading, listening and interacting on Twitter. Keep being awesome, [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE].

Respectfully Yours,


Nick Lanciani

By Nick Lanciani

Three years in live sports production (TV/radio), a degree in communication, a minor in sport management and yet I paint things in my spare time to distract myself from my unemployment. Anyway, I write stuff on Down the Frozen River, make/appear on podcasts, used to write stuff for Couch Guy Sports and still apply to jobs for a living.