From 2014 to 2022, I made Down the Frozen River run like a machine. I’d say “well-oiled”, but the reality is anything but that.

It all started with an idea in college that I’d practice writing about hockey for the Internet to read and yell at if the Internet felt so inclined, then one day transform that into… …something.

Then I got a job with an NHL team. Kind of.

I work at an arena and it’s only part-time, so after taking a season off from making regular content and with more than enough free time to devote to, I don’t know, a hobby or whatever, this is what you’re going to get:


What kind of stuff?

Only the good stuff. Original content stuff. That make sense?

Now that the blog’s been resurrected it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before (in that it won’t be what we used to do here, but rather something new).

Stay tuned.


Meet the Crew

Nick Lanciani– In Feb. 2014, I started this mess to craft my form on the Internet at the encouragement from a professor, then posted my mock draft in June and went from there.

In 2017, I graduated from Queens University of Charlotte with a bachelor’s degree in communication and a minor in sport management, while wrapping up a run of three consecutive years working in live sports production in the NFL, NHL and MLB.

Though 2018, got off to a rough start, I had this place– my own sandbox– to fall back on and I’ve still been making content while applying to jobs like it’s my job even though I work two part-time jobs now since the 2022-23 season.

Colby Kephart– Though he works for a publishing company these days, Colby’s known to drop by on the Down the Frozen River Podcast from time-to-time.

Famous for his off the cuff– straight from the heart– opinions, he’s had his own op-ed around these parts, called “Colby’s Corner“.

Thankfully, he joined the fray after 43 people viewed my 2014 mock draft, which convinced him enough that people do actually care (somewhat) about what you make on the Internet.

Peter Merkle– Peter (or “Pete” as I insist on calling him) joined DTFR officially in Sept. 2017, after Jordan convinced him to join the crew on a “full-time” basis after the duo merged their blog and brand under DTFR‘s label in March 2016.

When he’s not hanging out at a Columbus Blue Jackets game, with Jordan at a Bowling Green game or at an ECHL game across the country, you can catch him going fast in a race car, in his Weekly Bumblings column or on the DTFR Podcast from time-to-time.

Cap’n Cornelius– The only things known about Cap’n according to the Internet are that he’s a Blue Jackets fan, had a column end up on Leafs Reddit and usually has tickets to Anaheim Ducks games.

He joined DTFR in Sept. 2017, and is as much of a mystery to you as he is to us, allegedly.

Jess Belmosto– Jess joined DTFR in 2020, and contributes the bulk of knowledge regarding the Calgary Flames around here. You might also know her from being a host of the Locked on Flames Podcast, a guest on Brews & Bruins and a guest/co-host on the DTFR Podcast.

Cam Davis– Cam joined DTFR in Sept. 2021, as the new co-host of the DTFR Podcast. You may recognize him from being bullied by the Philadelphia Flyers Twitter account or standing on the sidelines at Harvard Athletics in live production.

Former Contributors

Connor Keith– One of our Original Three™️ members that joined DTFR with Colby after people read my 2014 mock draft, Connor spends his time in Minnesota these days, so be on the lookout for a potential comeback if the Wild continue to be entertaining.

I’m kidding, he’s probably had enough doing more than enough for the DTFR brand over the years.

He was in charge of our Daily Matchup content and was a regular on the podcast.

Frank Fanelli– In March 2016, Frank was recommended to us by another professor I had and joined DTFR for about a season and a half before moving on to write for other outlets.

Check out what Frank’s up to these days in person in Texas and online over at Student Union Sports.

Jordan Dettrow– Jordan joined DTFR in late February/early March 2016, after reaching out and merging his previous blog and brand with Pete under the DTFR label.

He’s made appearances on the podcast, penned his own College Hour column on the site and sends tweets from the DTFR account when he’s not teaching, being a dad or being involved in local government in Ohio.

Jordan’s also a “Bleacher Creature” for life as a Bowling Green State University alum.

Matt Burnett– Matt joined the crew for a brief period of time in 2020, as a guest on the podcast and with some thoughts on the San Jose Sharks.

DTFR– Passion. Opportunity. Fun.