Down the Frozen River is just another hockey blog from some fans/experts. Fan experts if you will.


Established in 2014, Down the Frozen River is committed to providing analysis and insight from those who claim to know the sport best. We hope you look forward to reading our posts and follow us on Twitter (@DtFrozenRiver) and “Like” us on Facebook!

Meet the Crew

Nick Lanciani– I started this mess in February 2014, then waited until that June to post my mock draft, because I would have written it anyway, printed it out and sat on my couch crossing off all the picks I got wrong. Also, I was preoccupied with college stuff prior to the mock draft, hence the delay.

I attended my first NHL game in 2004 and we’ve been in a relationship ever since. In 2017, I graduated from Queens University of Charlotte with a degree in communication and a minor in sport management– and three years of experience working in live production in the NFL, NHL and MLB.

P.S. I’m available for hire.

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Colby Kephart– our most realistic contributor, he’s short and to the point like a John Tortorella press conference, except Colby’s actually short. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in Sport Management from Queens University of Charlotte and loves the production and graphic design elements of all things sports.

He’s been to a few NHL games in his time and is our Don Cherry around here in his parody, called Colby’s Corner.

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Jordan Dettrow– joined Down the Frozen River in late February/early March 2016 after merging his and Pete’s hockey blog with DTFR— like how the NHL and WHA merged. Jordan specializes in tracking, following, talking and writing about all things college hockey and minor league hockey.

He’s a 2016 graduate of Bowling Green State University and a lifelong Bleacher Creature at heart. When he’s not following all forms of hockey, Jordan spends his time as a high school social studies teacher. He runs our College Hour page and provides weekly college hockey columns, special features and is our social media coordinator.

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Peter Merkle– he’s been around here since September 2017 when Jordan convinced him to join the crew on a “full-time” basis. You might recognize him as a less cool version of Cap’n Cornelius among Columbus Blue Jackets fans, but when he’s not hanging around Nationwide Arena, you can catch him going fast in a car (usually around a racetrack).

He’s got his very own Weekly Bumblings that he cares deeply about, so make him happy and read it, thanks. Plus he’s also the regular co-host of the Down the Frozen River Podcast.

Cap’n Cornelius– mysterious in many ways, Cap’n has brought a lot of Blue Jackets fans to the site and more since September 2017, so make yourselves at home, Columbus, I guess (full bio coming soon).

Honestly, not much is known about this guy. Some might say he’s just playing a bit of a character. 😉

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Former Contributors

Connor Keith– one of our Original Three members, Connor loves spreadsheets and in-depth pieces loaded with stats. A 2016 graduate of Queens University of Charlotte, he studied communication and has written for panthers.com (that’s the Carolina Panthers, mind you).

He finally went to an NHL game a few seasons ago and was in charge of the Game of the Day column on our Daily Matchup page.

Frank Fanelli– Frank moved on from our crew last season after joining DTFR around March 2016. He still brings his knowledge of the game from a player and ref’s perspective when we consult him on the podcast occasionally and spent the better part of the last decade playing the game in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Check out his latest writings at his current gig with Student Union Sports.

We are always looking to add to the team if you have the passion to bring DTFR above and beyond. Check out our Contact Us page and Rarely Asked Questions page for more.

DTFR– Passion. Opportunity. Fun.

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