Down the Frozen River is just another hockey blog from just another hockey fan.


Established in 2014, Down the Frozen River is committed to providing analysis and insight from those who know the sport best (or claim to know the sport best) the fans. We hope you look forward to reading our posts and follow us on Twitter (@DtFrozenRiver) and “Like” us on Facebook!

Meet the Writers

Nick Lanciani- I’m the odd one that started this whole thing. I went to my first NHL game back in 2004 and I used to pretend I was John LeClair growing up playing hockey in my driveway. I am a 2017 graduate of Queens University of Charlotte, where I majored in communication and minored in sport management. I enjoy art, late night TV and puns. Nick’s Net and the Projected Stats Tracker are my babies (is that weird?) and I’m not sure what to do with them all the time, but I finally have a solution for them this season.

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Colby Kephart– brings the realism to Down the Frozen River. Short and to the point, he’s like John Tortorella in a post game interview, but with more words. He studied Communication with a minor in Sport Management at Queens University of Charlotte. He likes to play NHL 17 and make fun of me when I lose. Colby’s been to a few NHL games in his time. He’s our Don Cherry around here and has his own Cherry-esque opinion column, called Colby’s Corner.

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Connor Keith– is one of our Original Three members, if you ignore the fact that two of them came on board with the idea eight months after the website was created. Bad with names and perhaps a bit too much in love with spreadsheets on Excel, Connor writes in-depth articles for fun. A 2016 graduate of Queens University of Charlotte (I guess that makes him cooler than us), he studied Communication (what a surprise) and has a real job this season with panthers.com (that’s the Carolina Panthers, mind you). He finally went to an NHL game a couple of seasons ago and is in charge of the Game of the Day column on our Daily Matchup page.

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Jordan Dettrow– joined Down the Frozen River in late February/early March 2016 and specializes in tracking, following, talking and writing about all things college hockey and minor league hockey. Jordan is a 2016 graduate of Bowling Green State University (and a lifelong Bleacher Creature at heart). When he’s not following all forms of hockey, Jordan spends his time as a high school social studies teacher. He runs our College Hour page and provides weekly college hockey columns, special features and is our social media coordinator.

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Frank Fanelli– is our newest contributor to Down the Frozen River, having come onboard shortly after Jordan in March 2016. Frank brings his knowledge of the game from both a player and a ref’s perspective, having spent the better part of a little over the last decade playing hockey in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. His passion for the game is sure to reflect in what he writes from a side of a current fan who would love to work in the business side of the sport or in hockey operations as an assistant GM, general manager, president or owner someday. Frank is a rising-junior Sport Management major at Queens University of Charlotte.

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We are not currently looking to add to the team, but if you have the passion to bring DTFR above and beyond and are interested in contributing your services (unpaid, sorry) and joining our team, please see our Contact Us page and Rarely Asked Questions page for more.

May the best team win!

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