Rarely Asked Questions

(see what we did there?)


Who are your favorite teams?

We’ve briefly mentioned this on some of our podcasts, so you should probably search those for the answer to this question. One thing we can tell you is that Nick has never mentioned the team he likes and doesn’t plan on revealing it either (although it might be obvious).

Why do you use that picture of a net on a river? What’s the meaning behind “Down the Frozen River”?

Oooh a two part question! First, the net isn’t actually on a frozen pond or anything- it’s sitting on some heavily compacted and glazed over snow in my backyard. Second, the phrase “down the frozen river” is simply a play on clearing the puck down the rink/frozen river/frozen pond/backyard rink/whatever surface you play on. I’d imagine it’d fit well with something along the lines of “…and Sakic sends the puck down the frozen river, and the Av’s will change lines.”

Can I have a job with you guys?

We’d love to have you do something. We just can’t pay you. We can’t pay ourselves, quite frankly. If you’re interested in contributing your skills and having your work displayed in a professional manner to eventually land a “real job” in the wonderful world of hockey, by all means check out our “Contact Us” page and send us an email.

I’ll be nice and say that all we expect from you is 1) an email explaining what you want to do and why you want to do it and 2) an example of your work (so if you want to write game recaps, send us a game recap- preferably a most recent one, if you want to make GIFs and have them implemented with our content, send us a link to your own original work, hopefully you get the idea).

We’re trying to make it in the real world ourselves, yet we’d love to help you make it to, if we deem you worthy of joining our crew.

Wait so if you’re all college students in North Carolina, how come you like hockey?

Two of us happen to be from the Northeast and the other’s from, well, the Midwest(ish) technically- we all just happen to go to college in North Carolina/ live there now.

What do you guys plan on doing in the future? With your life and all that?

That’s an excellent question. We may or may not be trying to figure all this out ourselves. So here’s a three part answer. Colby wants to work somewhere in sports, would love to be an analyst, and loves hockey, so he’s absolutely committed to doing awesome things for as long as this website is around.

Connor just wants to be a beat writer for one of his sports teams and provides an excellent speck into the life of a tortured-by-the-first-round-of-the-playoffs-every-year St. Louis Blues fan and may be entering the real world sooner than the rest of us, because he is too awesome, so he’s free to do as he pleases.

Oh and Nick would love to either get paid for operating/ writing/ producing/ editing content and this website as a whole someday, or work for his favorite team, the NHL, or a particular regional sports broadcasting TV station.

Here at Down the Frozen River, we plan on continuing to express our love for the sport that you presumably love too (otherwise, what else would you be doing here), producing podcasts, writing columns, and perhaps eventually making videos to enhance our array of content (yes, you’ll get to see our faces if we do that), as well as figuring out just how long all three of us can run with this website before we either all move on from it or turn it into our job.

Why can’t you just get a real job in sports?

Uh, technically, this is a real job. We just aren’t getting paid or making money. Until you find the right position, you’ve got to have something to show off, right? So we like to set ourselves apart from the competition with this website.

Who came up with this idea in the first place?

Nick did.

Why did you go with your current redesign?

It looks much cleaner than the old look. It’s a fresh, aesthetic, appeal to our audience and to the Internet in general.

Why so many random questions?

Because we want to show you that we’re friendly and would love to interact with you, our reader, as often and as personal (in good nature) as we can. We love feedback and we take comfort in knowing that what we’re doing is actually something that others enjoy. It helps us build confidence in the face of student loan debt. Yay college!

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