Rarely Asked Questions

(see what we did there?)


Who are your favorite teams?

We don’t play favorites.

Just kidding, we grew up rooting for the following teams– Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres, Colorado Avalanche and Columbus Blue Jackets, but we don’t really play favorites (well, some of us, anyway).

What’s with the picture of that net and what’s the meaning behind “Down the Frozen River”?

The picture is just one of Nick’s old Mylec nets that he set up in his backyard one time after it snowed a lot and everything froze over thanks to some rain.

Who needs plywood and an actual rink?

Actually, you should probably build your own rink so you don’t break your ankles on uneven terrain.

Second, the phrase “down the frozen river” is simply a play on clearing the puck down the rink/frozen river/frozen pond/backyard rink/whatever surface you play on.

I’d imagine it’d fit well with something along the lines of *extreme Doc Emrick impression* “…and Sakic sends the puck down the frozen river, and the Av’s can change lines.”

Can I have a job with you guys?

We’re not expanding at this time. Sorry Québec.

Why can’t you just get a real job?

Most of us already have real jobs.

Somebody hire Nick in the meantime (please and thanks, I’ll love you forever– or at least until another organization loves me more or something, I don’t make the rules).

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