Down the Frozen River Podcast #33- We’re Baaack!

The Down the Frozen River crew returns as Colby, Frank and Nick discuss several of the offseason’s biggest stories, including Las Vegas, the day hockey Twitter erupted and some of the best and worst free agent signings. As well, the DTFR crew talks about some World Cup of Hockey replacements. As always, stayed tuned for weekly coverage of the latest news and notes around the NHL every week on the Down the Frozen River Podcast.

*Editor’s note: Due to a technological crisis that was averted, this episode was recorded on Friday of last week and finally salvaged to being released this week. We’ll have another episode that should go smoothly this Friday. Oh and don’t mind the flushing toilet sound in this one… Connor’s not our next door neighbor anymore so stuff like that might happen because we can’t control strangers (please come back Connor).*

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