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Completely Biased DTFR Awards for Our Egos

By: Nick Lanciani

It’s the NHL Award season, so since I’m a nice boss/founder/whatever you want to call me, I figured I’d hand out some awards to our Down the Frozen River crew. These once in a lifetime beauties will probably never be given out again, so enjoy them while they last.

Newcomer Award– presented by me to our rookie of the year for producing quality content- Frank Fanelli

Frank joined us this spring and hit the ground running with some quality Philadelphia Flyers hot takes (and serious takes). His dedication made our lives easy when it came time to organize our schedule of playoff recaps and other quick write-ups that we did in preparation for a whole lot more next season. Frankly, I think he did a good job. Thanks Frank!

Social Media Guru Award– presented by me to our best social media content producer (and stuff)- Jordan Dettrow

Jordan was another addition to the crew this season— prior to Frank’s arrival— as we expanded our reach and broadened our target audience from just your average NHL fan to all kinds of hockey fans. Though Jordan has been quite busy this offseason, his presence as one of us has been felt all throughout our ramped up coverage of this year’s playoffs. I could have made him a co-recipient of the Newcomer Award, but I felt as though it’s necessary to make him stand out on his own, since without him we wouldn’t have over 750 followers on Twitter (we’d have, like, 700 fewer than that). I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of new and exciting things will come from him next season. Thanks Jordan!

Hot Air Award– presented by me to our crew member with the most bold predictions and hot takes this season on the Down the Frozen River Podcast- Colby Kephart

Colby is… well, Colby. Always willing to talk and offer his thoughts, his bold predictions on our show keep us on edge and in tune with what’s going on around the league. Another DTFR member with a busy offseason, we certainly wish him the best as he does some real world things in the meantime. He’ll need to rest his voice for another season of podcasts coming this September. Thanks Colby!

Content-King Award– presented by me to our crew member with the most content/best quality content on a consistent basis this season- Connor Keith

All season long Connor wrote daily Game of the Day matchups (well, with the exception of that time between November and the end of the semester, because college). His dedication to his craft is unlike any other in the nature of his hard work and many late nights spent writing about plenty of teams he’d probably rather never hear about ever again. We all expect more of the same from him this season (and more, muwahaha), but the choice is always his, as he heads into the real world of sports. Thanks Connor!

Good-For-Nothing Award– presented as a participation award to one of our members when I can’t think of anything else to give- Nick Lanciani (oh, hey look, that’s me)

I get to take home this awesome award because I created this whole thing in the first place (I meant these awards, not just this site, but you know— I made the site too, so there’s always that). I would’ve also given Kevan Miller partial ownership of this award, but alas, he’s not on our Down the Frozen River team. Maybe next year, Kevan (please don’t hate me).

By Nick Lanciani

10 years experience working various roles in sports, plus I like to paint in my spare time. Maybe I'll go to grad school next. Anyway, I write stuff on Down the Frozen River, make/appear on podcasts, used to write stuff for Couch Guy Sports and apply to full-time jobs for a living.