College Hour

Down the Frozen River Student Section of the Year (2017-2018)

NCAA Hockey is a wonderful thing. When you walk into a college rink, you will see speed, grit and passion for the game. A group of guys will be on the ice that are not just playing for themselves, but for their teammates and for their school. Simply put, there is just nothing else like it, even in the professional ranks. There are many things that make college hockey unique, but one particular thing stands out above the rest: the student section.

The pep band, the screaming fans, the organized cheers, and of course the chirps. A college hockey game provides an atmosphere that cannot be replicated at any other level of the game. Hockey fans are a different breed entirely. What other sport will you find a fan who is willing to risk a criminal proceeding just to throw a catfish on the playing surface? Beyond the “normal” hockey fan, college hockey fans are crazier and know how to make a difference on the outcome of a game. They tear into opposing players, specifically goalies, and do whatever they can to give their team a little boost.

In the NCAA, there are many different programs, with each student section offering slightly different cheers, chants, and traditions. The million dollar question is, which one does it best? Down the Frozen River is going to give you an answer, which will come from you, the fans! We will run an online competition from October 16th to November 20th, where college hockey student sections will go head-to-head in a single-elimination format. All rounds will begin on Monday at noon and end Sunday at 8:00pm. All opponents will be decided randomly at the beginning of each round. We have chosen 32 teams to participate in our first annual competition.

In order to vote, simply Re-Tweet and Like the Tweet promoting your school, and you can Follow us for a bonus vote (in other words, one person can vote up to three times). The winners of each round will be based purely on the opinions of our Followers. We want to hear from the fans, so please be sure to vote!

The winner of the competition will be crowned the DTFR Student Section of the Year and earn a feature article on, and we will replace our social media photos with their school’s logo for one week. If you have any questions about the competition, please feel free to ask on Twitter at @DTFrozenRiver.

Teams Advancing to Round 5: