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Sick Hand of the Month-Toews’ Monster Month Doesn’t Steal From Burns’ 5th Appearance on SHotM

Hey, everyone, I’m back this week for the second Sick Hands of The Month! If you forgot what that was, here is a quick reminder: So what I’m basically going to do is pick a player from each position on the ice (Left Wing, Center, Right Wing, two defenders, and a goalie). Then it’s basically the same thing as the normal “SHS” where I recap why I picked them and highlight their best games, goals, assists, etc. This Sick Hands of the Month is going to range from the last time I put one out (1/25-2/25). (A quick side note, sorry I’m a week late getting this out, I got all caught up being sick last week and it’s been a mess and I haven’t found time to write it out but here I go!)



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Jonathan Toews – Center (CHI) The reason why I picked this big broad lad out of Winnipeg, Canada was because this guy was on fire this past month! When I mean fire like he couldn’t be stopped and for a good reason too. Toews recorded a total of 16 points in just a span of 11 games this past month and those 16 points were made up of 6 goals and 10 assists. He also had a total of five power play points with two of them being goals over this past calendar month as well as two game-winning goals and an overtime goal.  Also, Toews has torn it up in his past five games registering a total of ELEVEN points in that span, consisting of five goals and six assists. He also had a five-point night made up of a hat trick and two assists in a game against Minnesota on February 21st. So you can clearly tell that Captian Serious as they like to call him up in Chicago is coming into form down the stretch and killing the game.

Jamie Benn – Left Wing (DAL) I picked this STAR-studded player (see what I did there?) It’s okay I’ll let myself out now that was a terrible pun but I had to write it in. But I picked Benn because like Toews he himself had a killer month and it was fantastic to watch because I love watching Benn and he killed it. Been tallied the same number of points as Toews did this past month at 16 total in 12 games, but Benn did it differently as his 16 was made up of nine goals and seven assists. Benn also had a total of seven points on the manpower advantage with three of them turning into goals. He also followed in Toews footsteps and tallied two game-winning goals and one overtime goal as well. In Benn’s last five games he hasn’t been as on fire, but still pretty good at six points made up of three goals and three assists apiece. So as Benn and the Stars start to heat up look for them down to make a push to a playoff spot.

Patrik Laine – Right Wing (WPG) First off, this rookie is just been sensational to watch play, I mean every time I get a chance to watch him play my eyes are glued to the TV. Every time I see a highlight, my eyes are glued to my phone, he is a freak athlete and great for just a rookie. But enough of praising him let’s get to his stats shall we? In this past month Laine took a page out of Benn’s and Toews book and decided to tally 16 points as well and he also did it in just 12 games like Benn. Another funny thing is that he, like Benn, registered nine goals and seven assists to make up his total points. Although his other stats were down, he only tallied one power play point which was a goal and one game-winning goal. But his last five games are where he caught fire, and I mean burnt up! Laine recorded 10 points in his last five games which were made up of seven goals and three assists! So he is in the same boat as Benn is, if Laine continues to play like this and the rookie can rally the troops around his play, the Jets can make a push for the playoffs once again.

Brent Burns – Defense (SJS) DEAR LORD, would you look who it is, it’s Brent Burns! I need to ask my readers a question, are you really astonished that he’s on here again, or should we just start getting used to seeing his name? Don’t worry, I’ll wait for an answer….the answer is probably an astounding NO we aren’t surprised. Because that has been my answer for a while now. But yes, Mr. Burns appears on Sick Hands of the Month for the FIFTH month in a row because he was on yet another rampage during this month of hockey. Burns finished this month tied for the lead in points by D-men with 13 points in 11 games that were made up by six goals and seven points. He also had four power play points where one of them became a goal as well as one overtime goal. In Burns’ last five games he tallied eight points in that span which came from five goals and three assists. The Sharks are loving this play from Burns as I am sure everyone one is and if he keeps playing like this I am just going to pencil his name in every month.

Erik Karlsson – Defense (OTT) Hey look who it is, we’ve seen Mr. Karlsson here a couple times before and I am honestly not surprised he’s here again. These two guys are the best two offensive defenders in the league and it shows it. Karlsson had another great month and was tied with Burns in points for the month with 13 points in 13 games made up of only three goals but a whopping 10 assists! Karlsson also copied Burns this month and finished with four power play tallied and one of them turning out to be a geno as well as one game-winning goal! In Karlsson’s last five games, he recorded six points in that span made up of two goals and four assists. The Senators are in a heated race with the Canadiens for first place in the Atlantic and are only separated by four points at the moment. So if Karlsson keeps up his play, we could see a turnaround!

Braden Holtby – Goalie (WSH) The reason why I picked this star goaltender is simply easy. He was the best goalie this month by far and I will tell you just that and a little more. In the last month, Holtby has started and played in nine games and gone 8-0-1 in those games with an impressive .923 save percentage and a solid 1.99 goals against average. He also stopped a total of 216 shots out of 234 in the month and only gave up 18 total goals in that span which was the least amount given up for all goalie in the past month. In Holtby’s past five games he has gone 4-0-1 with one of them being an overtime loss. In his past three games, he’s faced 23 shots or more and hasn’t given up more than two goals in the process. If the Capitals are looking to make a deep run this year, I think it will happen if Holtby keeps up this great play.

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