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DTFR Looks Better Than Ever: Official Logos Unveiled


CHARLOTTE, NC (October 7, 2015)- Down the Frozen River is proud to present our brand new official logos that were so wonderfully designed by a friend of a friend, Courtney Lee- a student at NC State University!

We asked Lee a few questions about the designing process, her art and her aspirations in general.

The new Down the Frozen River wordmark that will appear on the website’s header and on related DTFR materials.

Where do you go to school and what are you majoring in?

I recently just transferred to NC State where I plan on majoring in Textile Engineering and minoring in either design or graphic communication.

What is your one of your future goals?

One of my future goals is to have a job that challenges me creatively.

What kind of art do you like to dabble in?

I like to do it all! From painting to creating a 3D model in SolidWorks- I like to think that everything I make can be thought of as art!

Where do you get your inspiration from, in regards to your art?

This may be cliche but everything around me inspires me. It’s hard to pinpoint one thing that inspires me because there are so many things.

Well, we love our new logos- thank you very much for helping us out and making our brand come to life.

Haha, thanks! 🙂

Lastly, do you have a blog or website we could hyperlink to showcase your work?

I don’t have a blog or website, but I’m starting to think that I should make one because you’re not the first to ask haha… Is it possible to give this to you later?

Yes, of course. *We’re all dying to see what other awesome things you create, Courtney, please get on that so we can help show it off!*

Down the Frozen River’s new circular logo which will appear on all DTFR social media platforms.

And now for a little bit about how these logos came into creation…

First, our founder, Nick Lanciani, jotted down a list of goals back on April 26th, including one about creating a Down the Frozen River logo or having someone create a Down the Frozen River logo.

Then, at the season ending meeting between the three members of Down the Frozen River, Lanciani pitched the idea. DTFR analyst, Colby Kephart, knew someone who knew someone that might be willing to lend her hand.

That’s where the wonderfully artistic, Courtney Lee, comes in!

Through an exchange of communication, the Down the Frozen River crew suggested their basic required elements for a logo 1) it had to include an homage to the first “unofficial” logo (the net) and 2) it could take on a life of its own anywhere from there (with artistic expression highly encouraged)!

After a few rough drafts, including darker, more maroon shades of red, the Down the Frozen River crew came to an agreement on this cardinal red set of logos.

The round logo is meant to represent a crest that would go on the front of a jersey and will be seamlessly implemented into all Down the Frozen River social media platforms. The word mark logo pays homage to the old beat-up driveway hockey net in the “unofficial” logo, while creating a lasting impression of its own and establishing a more formal heading for our website.

Thank you again to Courtney Lee for her exceptional work and helping make Down the Frozen River’s brand come to life.

About Down the Frozen River: Down the Frozen River is a hockey blog that was created in 2014, by a college student with a life long dream of writing about hockey. By October 2014, he was finally able to convince two of his friends to join the crew and since January, all three content creators have been making huge strides in bringing Down the Frozen River to life with the goal of having daily content for hockey fans around the world to enjoy. Down the Frozen River is not affiliated with the National Hockey League or any of its member clubs and is by no means perfect- we’re always working to improve and look forward to hearing your compliments, comments, or complaints. For more information or to just to send us an email in general, please contact


By Nick Lanciani

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