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Numbers Game: Look to the Rafters- Columbus Blue Jackets

By: Nick Lanciani

I continue to explore an important element of the game and what retired numbers around the league may look like in the future. While there’s only a finite set of numbers to utilize on the back of a jersey, many teams choose to retire (or honor) some numbers based on extraordinary circumstances, dedication to the organization, or legendary status.

Many thoughts went through my head in each and every consideration. Feel free to agree or disagree- I want to know what you, the fans, consider worthy when evaluating a player, their career, and whether or not their number should be retired by a franchise. I am interested in seeing what you have to say, assuming you are actually a fan of the team and/or player that you argue for or against. Drop us a line in the comments or tweet to @DtFrozenRiver using #DTFRNumbersGame.

For each team, I thought of former and current players that should have their numbers retired now or once they hang up the skates.

Columbus Blue Jackets LogoColumbus Blue Jackets

Current Retired Numbers- None

Recommended Numbers to Retire

If Ryan Johansen sticks around long enough in Columbus, his number could be fair game to become the Blue Jackets first retired number.

Otherwise, it’s unlikely they’ll set aside Sergei Fedorov’s number 91 for having spent three seasons as the star in Columbus. Most fans, and members of the Blue Jackets front office, probably wouldn’t be too keen on retiring Rick Nash’s number 61 after he retires, given the way he left.

Also, they can’t just retire Brandon Saad’s number 20, when all is said and done, because of all he did with the Chicago Blackhawks before carrying his star power over to the Blue Jackets in a trade this offseason (by that I mean, he still has to do what he did in Chicago- and more- in Columbus). Other than that, the Blue Jackets are 1) still too young and 2) haven’t had any stars worthy of retiring their number at Nationwide Arena.

By Nick Lanciani

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