COMING SOON: 2014- 2015 Season Previews

The regular season is almost here and that means our writers have been hard at work crafting their 2014- 2015 season previews for all thirty National Hockey League teams. We will have some content packaged and ready to go starting tomorrow! While we may be the last of the hockey world to get our thoughts out there on the looming season, we’re still worth the read, so we hope you will enjoy our season previews. It’s been a long time since free agency started on July 1st, so we are ready to jog your memory with all the additions and losses of all thirty teams. We are also ready to welcome some new contributing writers to Down the Frozen River, and we think you are going to like their work. Until then, let’s all celebrate the beginning of a brand new hockey season and do what we all like to do, play couch (or armchair) GM!

By Nick Lanciani

10 years experience working various roles in sports, plus I like to paint in my spare time. Maybe I'll go to grad school next. Anyway, I write stuff on Down the Frozen River, make/appear on podcasts, used to write stuff for Couch Guy Sports and apply to full-time jobs for a living.