Deadline Deals

Adam Gaudette to Chicago for Highmore

Adam Gaudette is on his way out of Vancouver and on his way to Chicago. In return the Vancouver Canucks get Matthew Highmore.

Gaudette will be an RFA at the end of the season. The Vancouver Canucks were not too patient with the 24 year old and sold him before it was time. By no means am I saying he could be a Patrick Kane kind of player but Vancouver rushed him out of there.

Highmore is a young player who has played around half as many games as Gaudette. He has 4 goals in 73 games. Another 4th liner for Vancouver.

Gaudette is out of COVID-19 protocol.

Deadline Deals NHL

Toronto Maple Leafs Add More Depth at Goaltending

The Toronto Maple Leafs add more goaltending depth with the addition of David Rittich. The Leafs acquired the 28 year old goalie for a 3 round pick in the 2022 draft. 

Rittich was an undrafted free agent signed by the Calgary Flames back in 2016. He has a career SV% of .908 and a 2.83 GAA in 130 games. Rittich’s contract is up at the end of the season so it made most sense for the Flames to grab something for him in return rather than walking away for nothing. 


3 Takeaways From The Isobel Cup Championship

The NWHL Isobel Cup Final took place at Warrior Ice Arena last weekend. The final that never was finally took place between Minnesota and Boston. The two were supposed to face off in the final last season but as we all know, unprecedented times were had. 

Amanda Leveille had an outstanding performance against the Connecticut Whale. The Canada native had a 44 save shutout, leading her team to the Isobel Cup Final against Boston Pride. 

Leveille could not find the same success against Boston. She allowed 4 goals on 30 shots. Although she allowed 4 goals, she read the penalty shot right and made an excellent save. 

Though her season was cut short due to COVID, her 4 appearances were stellar. She finished the season with a career-high .936 SV%. 

The Boston Pride brought Isobel home. They are the only team to win the championship twice. The city’s championship drought ended thanks to their efforts. Both Boston and Minnesota notched 30 shots on goal through sixty minutes. Mary Parker, Jillian Dempsey, Lexie Laing, and Taylor Wenczkowski. Minnesota was not able to capitalize on the momentum behind their first-period goal. Allie Thunstrom had four goals in two games. The force to be reckoned with scored two goals in the final but was not able to finish her job. 

Jillian Dempsey had herself a season. She is the first player to reach 100 points in the NWHL and she was named MVP, taking home a $1,000 check. The captain was all smiles as she celebrated the team’s win and her second title. She is 2 games shy of 100 games played and will more than likely cross that milestone when she returns next season. 

Now that the season is over, fans can look forward to the draft happening this June. It will be interesting to see if there is any further development with the Montreal expansion team as well.


A Look At Calgary’s Performance Under Sutter

The Calgary Flames have been under Darryl Sutter’s thumb for the last two weeks. The firing of Geoff Ward ( 11-11-2) came as a surprise to none. Have the Flames turned it around under new coaching or are they still the same team? 

Prior to Sutter’s arrival, the team looked sluggish and uninterested during games. They were giving up nearly 5 goals two or three times a week and couldn’t string together two wins if it saved their life. Sutter came in and immediately played hardball. 

Their first practice was spent doing bag skates and conditioning work. There was a sense of discipline that had been absent for a year and a half. It was clear that the team wanted to win and were looking forward to this new chapter.

Sam Bennett, who has been a subject of trade rumors since earlier this season, came out and said it “feels like a fresh start.” and he’ll be able to find a role again. 

If it wasn’t clear before it is clear now that there was animosity between Bennett and Ward. For what reason, we don’t know. 

When you look at the Flames and their core, you think of Johnny Gaudreau, Matthew Tkachuk, Sean Monahan, Mark Giordano, and maybe Elias Lindholm. Most of these players have not seen proficient coaching in their entire career. People have called for Brad Treliving to blown up the core and start a rebuild. There were talks of it being a goaltending issue or maybe a coaching change would do the team some good. While I do believe it is mainly the ladder, the team has to be held responsible. 

The Flames beat Toronto 4-3 Friday night. While they’re playing Darryl Sutter hockey, what needs to change?

Sutter has said that the team plays great 5v5 hockey. The team currently has 62 even-strength goals, Andrew Mangiapane leads the team with 7.  Their power-play unit is only performing at 20.9% while there are teams in the division like Toronto playing at nearly 30%. There is room for this team to improve. Numbers don’t lie. Sutter likes numbers and embraced them. That’s why he’s a winner. Noah Hanifin was next to invisible on the powerplay last year. Sutter has slotted him in a few times now and he looks like a different player. 

I do think we have seen a drastic improvement in the team. They’re not taking those avoidable penalties that we saw far too often dating back to the bubble. Their game feels tighter and Johnny isn’t out there doing dump and chases every single night. 

Besides that 7-3 loss to Edmonton, Flames hockey under Darryl Sutter has improved. We’re seeing it with zone entries and limiting their opponents’ shots. Players like Noah Hanifin and Josh Levio have snapped out of their funks and are playing up to expectation. 

The Flames are currently out of a playoff spot and this may be an unpopular opinion here but I don’t think this team deserves to be there. They have bigger issues to take care of before they go on a cup run. Ideally, Calgary will avoid another early playoff exit and take a look at what it’s going to take it to the next level- which seems to be an ongoing conversation. 

Calgary takes on the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight at the Scotiabank Arena.


Calgary: Something’s Gotta Give

The Calgary Flames dropped 2 of 3 to the Ottawa Senators after a 5-1 loss Monday night. They have now lost 7 of their last 10. Something’s gotta give.

General Manager Brad Treliving made the trip to Ottawa this time around. This comes after Montreal fired their head coach Claude Julian, after losing to the Senators. His appearance raised plenty of eyebrows and gave fans a glimmer of hope that change is on its way.

It was mismanagement that once again cost the Flames two points. Geoff Ward’s fourth line was Simon-Nordstrom-Leivo. It often times feels like he pulls names out of a hat to complete his lineup. Nordstrom at center is an interesting choice I’m not entirely sure one could easily explain. In total, he spent just under 8 minutes on ice. As a whole, the bottom 3 were on the ice for under 5 minutes.

It was Milan Lucic who scored the lone goal of the game. This was his second goal of the three game tilt. His production has improved since Ward has taken over as head coach. In 62 games, Lucic had 8 goals. He has 6 goals in 23 games. There’s room to speculate that Ward is playing favorites with the veteran. Ward and Lucic were in Boston in 2011, the year the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. There is no real reason why Lucic should be on the ice for an average of 12 minutes a night.

The 32 year old offered up some comments postgame which could be interpreted in many different ways.

Secondary scoring showed up to win the game on Saturday but then disappeared in tonight’s performance. The Flames tallied 28 shots on goal, which is ten less from Saturday. One thing the team has struggled with is overpassing. The puck will die on players’ sticks and there is nothing to build off of.

The Flames’ biggest problem is falling behind early. They are 1-10 when entering the third period trailing. It’s almost a guaranteed loss when their opponent gets out in front. It’s as if they lose all the air in their tires. They may gain that momentum back on the off chance they score or it really is a disaster for the remainder of the game.

How much of this can you put on the players when you aren’t being given much to work with. Your top six cannot carry the team through a season whether it be shortened or not. Middle six seem to be wishy washy and then your forth line could be replaced by prospects or a beer league line.

Ward has mismanaged the team almost all season. He did not bench Lucic when he was taking multiple unnecessary penalties a night and costing the team goals. Brett Ritchie who hadn’t played in the NHL in over a year and the AHL in exactly a year, made an appearance with Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan for nearly 9 minutes. Not sure what you can be expected to do when Nikita Nesterov is on the ice for multiple goals against in a single game. Ward’s refusal to move Chris Tanev and Noah Hanifin to the first pairing is only hurting the team. Mark Giordano has not been much of a leader this season and you have seen Captain like comments coming from “locker room bad guy” Matthew Tkachuk.

Where does the team go from here? Do the Flames throw in the towel and miss the playoffs, sparing their fans of another disappointing first round exit? Should ownership fire Ward and actually pay a head coach like Gerard Gallant? Or do we stick to the narrative that it is in fact a group of lazy players and blow up the core? Only time will tell.


Calgary Flames Mismanagement is a Recipe for Disaster

The 8-8-1 Flames have struggled through the first six weeks of a condensed season. The offseason optimism seems like a fleeting feeling at this point. Was Brad Treliving wrong to only interview Geoff Ward? Is the core a problem or is mismanagement to blame? How much time can pass before the Flames wash their hands of the season? 

Mismanagement is the biggest cause for concern. Geoff Ward was officially named head coach on September 14th, 2020. In his time as head coach, the Flames have gone 24-15-3. That’s not too bad considering he was working on winning over a room, coaching in the bubble, and the lack of a starting goaltender. 

The Jacob Markstrom acquisition is the single best thing that happened in the Flames’ offseason. You finally have a goaltender who can carry a workload and play at a starting goalie level. The issue isn’t Markstrom. It’s with Ward’s inability to manage his workload. 

David Rittich has only appeared in 4 games, starting 3. All of which have resulted in losses. He’s an easy scapegoat when he’s riding the bench and not learning from the team in front of him. It isn’t entirely his fault. How are you going to argue that you deserve to start more when you lost your job to Cam Talbot last season and there’s a talented six million dollar goalie now. 

It’s time for the coaches to implement a rotational system. Get creative. Obviously, you aren’t going to do every other game basis. The Flames are currently in the middle of a 3 games in 4 days tilt. That’s a lot of work for everyone involved. After the humiliating 5-1 loss to Vancouver, things need to be reassessed. 

You have a taxi squad and AHL team for a reason. When players aren’t performing, you scratch them and slot someone in who is more than capable of doing the job. Everyone is replaceable. If Sean Monahan is out for any period of time, I believe calling Glenn Gawdwin up from Stockton would be the only reasonable option.  

If there’s fresh blood you want to bring in, start there. 

One of Ward’s biggest mistakes this season is playing Brett Ritchie with Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan. There is no reason for him to be deployed with the stars of the team. He has appeared in two Flames games this season after not playing in the NHL for over a year. 

Ritchie is not the player you want to be sending out there on a 4v4. He is not effective and has given Ward no sign of life to be out there. Why is Sam Bennett playing on the fourth line with Milan Lucic and Bryan Frose?

Sam Bennett. Sam Bennett was blindsided with a scratch against the Winnipeg Jets. Ward didn’t tell him personally. He found out through a piece of paper in the locker room. 

“I didn’t see it coming,” Bennett told reporters. “I walked in and I was on the taxi squad and not dressing with the team, not skating with the team.”

Ward said he was using this as an opportunity to get some fresh blood in the lineup. Where is this mentality now? You have players who are generating turnover after turnover and proving to be nothing besides a liability. You could use the argument that Bennett has 9 giveaways this season but at the same time, there are defensemen who are putting up double digits still seeing the ice every night.

Matthew Tkachuk has been in a slump since the Jake Muzzin incident. I guess getting a puck thrown at you can rattle you. He’s been chasing his 100th career goal for about two weeks now and the pressure is on. The instigator we knew has been nowhere to be found. He leads the team with ( 10 ) penalty minutes and has tallied 10 points. He may be considered a ghost or phantom right now but he is still generating shots on net. He’s averaging about 3 per night which shows his confidence isn’t completely gone. 

Tkachuk spoke with the media Saturday morning and puts a lot of pressure on himself, “It starts tonight and I’m prepared to do whatever I can. For me personally, I’ve got to get going. All the pressure should be on me to perform. It shouldn’t be on anyone else. I haven’t been at my best and it’s time to get going and help this team get some wins. I haven’t performed the way I’d like personally, so all the pressure should be on me to try to provide emotion from the drop of the puck tonight.”

The issue isn’t the players not giving a damn or wanting to be elsewhere. It comes back to the leaders. Is Mark Giordano doing enough as a captain? Why aren’t we seeing him talk about accountability? Is Ward truly holding the room or has he already lost it? There are so many questions when it comes to the Flames and the best thing they can do is give us answers. 

Fundamentals, accountability, and teamwork. Let’s bring it back.


Flames Beat Vancouver 4-3 in OT

The Calgary Flames earned two points after a 4-3 OT win over Vancouver, Monday night. It was not a pretty game by any means but good is sometimes good enough.

A Much Improved First Period

The Flames had a horrific first period in their last meeting. They were outshot 20-3 and not recording a shot until 11 minutes in.. The penalty kill struck early after Dillion Dube was called for hooking and naturally, the Flames would lose steam early. It didn’t take long for the Canucks to take advantage of that, putting them ahead by two.Milan Lucic cut the deficit in half after scoring his forth goal of the year.

It was not a pretty period for the Flames PK either. They found themselves on the kill four times in the first 20. Connor Mackey earned two trips to the box in his second NHL game. Calgary’s golden child, Johnny Gaudreau found himself in there on an interference call.

Relying On Momentum

One of the most frustrating things about the Flames is how heavily they rely on positive momentum. If things are going south, expect them to keep spiraling but if things are good, they’ll be really good. Elias Lindholm tied it up before Dube redeemed himself with a goal. There was a bit of confusion around the goal, though. Vancouver’s Nate Schmidt tried to pass the puck to goalie Thatcher Demko but Dube’s stick tipped it in. Thanks for that, Nate.

Dube’s go ahead goal set the tone for a good portion of the third period. One thing I did want to touch on was Elias Lindholm and Tyler Myers. Lindholm was called for elbowing Myers. Elbows to the head are never good or acceptable but I believe it was an unfortunate collision as Myers was already falling.

The Friendship Tour Continues

It shouldn’t come to a surprise that the Flames are ranked the best third period team in the league. For some reason, they find themselves playing their best hockey at crunch time.

The Flames are also great at getting under their opponents’ skin. Tonight, it was Andrew Mangiapane’s turn.

A fantastic defensive play turned into Tyler Myers needing a hug, Mangiapane getting the Brad Marchand treatment, and of course- Matthew Tkachuk and Mackey in the penalty box.

Tkachuk has fallen into a slight slump. He appears afraid to shoot the puck which leads to overpassing which is never good. It’s no surprise that he chimed in on this scrum. Although, he does appear to be picking his battles these days.

In true Flames fashion, they got too comfortable on the ice and allowed the Canucks to tie it up. Jacob Markström was visibly upset. How many dinners does this team owe him now?

Overtime was over before it really started when Gaudreau buried one. It wasn’t time to call it a night just yet though. The Canucks would not go down without a fight and challenged the goal. Toronto reviewed the offside challenge and the call on the ice stood.

Everyone say thank you, Johnny and Toronto for allowing Calgary to go to bed before too much free hockey.


The Flames walked away with two points. That’s all you can ask for. It was an improvement from Saturday’s performance but certainly not the full sixty they need to be playing.

Captain Mark Giordano and Rasmus Andersson were split up and demoted from the first pairing. Chris Tanev and Noah Hanifin rightly slid up to that first pair. Giordano was paired with Valimaki on the second line. While Andersson earned a spot with Mackey on the back end.

Goaltending cannot keep saving this team. The Flames are lucky they have Markström and I hope everyone has pitched in to buy him a new car or something really nice. He’s carrying the weight of this team on his back. Even after facing 47 shots, the team couldn’t bail him out.

Being outshot two games in a row is not ideal but the deficit tonight was far less. 33-27 is more ideal but still a heavy workload for Markstrom. It was Gaudreau who bailed him out but before taking it to OT.

The Flames wrap up their four game trip to Vancouver on Wednesday.


Calgary: Studs, Standouts and Suckers

With 14 games behind them, the Calgary Flames advance to 7-6-1. The new acquisitions have made themselves right at home and the core reignite themselves after a quiet 2019-20 season. As the season progresses it appears that the team has found themselves in the same book, not the same page quite yet but the gap is closing. The Flames are on their way to being a cohesive unit. Before we get there, we need to take a look at the players so far.

Marking His Territory

Jacob Markstrom has been beyond consistent for the team. Through 10 starts he is 6-3-1 and earned himself a .916 SV% with a 2.5 GAA. Every night you can count on a remarkable save. There are times where he leaves the crease and your heart finds itself in your throat but he never misses a beat.

One of the more terrifying moments of the season was when Connor McDavid crashed into the net, running over Markstrom. Of course everyone remembers what happens the last time McDavid crashed the net. Markstrom was slow to get up but he returned to play as if nothing happened. And of course the true test was if he got the start against Winnipeg on Tuesday night. He recorded a .926 SV%. Safe to say things are going alright there.

Finding Their Footing

Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan were the subjects of trade rumors this offseason. In fact, Gaudreau was on TSN Trade Bait board a few times. After the short lived playoff run, fans were certain there would be a drastic change in the lineup. The question was, would it be Gaudreau or Monahan? General Manager Brad Treliving decided blowing up the team was not the way to go.

Gaudreau is leading the team with 15 points ( 8G, 7A) and had an 8 game point streak going. We’re seeing a version of Johnny Hockey that fans have longed for these last few seasons. To my knowledge, he has not mentioned what changed or if he had shaken up his routine. Could the change in coaching and better key players around him be it?

Monahan passes the blind eye test with flying colors. His passes are smoother than butter and he isn’t afraid to shoot. Both him and Gaudreau appear more confident when it comes to shooting. There is no overpassing or hesitation. Monahan has 11 points ( 3rd on the team ) through 14 games. He has recorded 7 even strength assists and one even strength goal. Monahan is 4 goals shy of 200. That milestone will likely be accomplished this season.

Streaky Starts

Matthew Tkachuk came out of the gate hot. He recorded 3 goals in the first five games and was not hesitant to shoot the puck. On January 24th, he recorded 9 SOG against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Since the Jake Muzzin incident just two days later, Tkachuk has been a little less noticeable.

It was reported that the Flames had a players only meeting after a loss to Montreal. It’s speculated that Tkachuk was told his antics needed to stop and it, “couldn’t be a riot every night.”

Tkachuk has just 2 assists in the last five games. Unfortunately, he hasn’t looked like the same player we saw a month ago. Before we break out the pitchforks for a trade or demotion, let’s remember that players do have streaky moments. Could this be a typical slump we see from players? After all, he did lead the team with 61 points last season. Is this the same type of regression we saw from teammate Gaudreau after his point heavy season?

Andrew Mangiapane inked a deal that would bring him back to Calgary for 2 more years. He ended last season with a career high 32 points. There were high expectations for him coming into the season. While he was putting in the work every game, he just couldn’t finish. It wasn’t until the 8th game of the season that he notched his first goal. He hasn’t slowed down since. He has 4 goals and 2 assists in the last 6 games. The expectations are high for Mangiapane and it’s expected that he will continue to meet them.

Dynamic Duo

The Flames signed 31 year old, Chris Tanev to a four year $18 million deal back in October. The biggest concern about this signing was of course, Tanev’s injury history. He is an older, injury prone player who would be eating up a lot Calgary’s money.

Tanev and D partner Noah Hanifin have been the stars of the show each and every game this season. Both fall under heavy scrutiny for their contracts and performance. The both of them have proved everyone wrong. They did not allow and even strength goal against through 8 games, nearly 2 hours of gameplay.

If the time comes were headcoach Geoff Ward wants to limit Mark Giordano’s ice time, I think making this pairing the top pair is an obvious choice. Though the pair is off to a hot start, that does not mean they are out of the woods just yet. There is still plenty of time for things to turn sour.

Struggling Veterans

One of the hardest part of the game is watching your favorite players age and decline. Unless you are Zdeno Chara, it is inevitable and coaches have to learn to adjust. Milan Lucic and Mark Giordano are two players that come to mind. Granted, Lucic has not been nearly as effective as Giordano but his presence needs to be talked about.

Lucic had a great playoff run last year. It was as if 2011 Lucic had returned to the ice. That was shortlived of course as the Flames were knocked out after losing to the Dallas Stars in the first round.

That Lucic was left in 2020. The Lucic we’ve seen for a majority of the season has been a liability. Turnovers and trips to the penalty box have been costly. On a positive note, he has three goals and three assists which is more than he was doing at the start of the 2019-20 season.

He is averaging 11:57 a night and I do think that that’s acceptable for the time being. However, if you’re going to healthy scratch Sam Bennett, you’re going to need to hold Lucic accountable for his mistakes. Benching him for a game is the better option than walking away without a point.

Captain Mark Giordano is on the final year of his contract. He has played a total of 907 NHL games, which is a rather impressive milestone. One might call this a crossroad in his career. Will the Flames offer him an extension or will they make him available for the Seattle Expansion draft? There are more questions than answers when it comes to Giordano.

He is still playing on the top pairing with Rasmus Andersson. Many fans have called that decision into question after Gio’s slow shifts and turnovers. Whether it be a respect thing or not, you have to do what is best for your team. Geoff Ward has a hockey brain and is seeing it all up close so we can only assume he knows exactly what he’s doing and there is a method to his madness. I do think a demotion needs to happen at some point this season. The captain should be preparing to pass the reigns over to his younger defensemen, and setting them up for success.

One Month Down, A Few More To Go

Barring the league does not pause, the regular season is expected to wrap up in May and playoffs to follow right after. The Flames are currently out of the playoff picture but there is still time for them to turn it around. Don’t count anyone out just yet.

Flames play Vancouver tonight at 8pm MT.


Calgary Flames Looks To Fight Off Red Hot Toronto Maple Leafs

For the first time in nearly a week, the Calgary Flames are back. Puck drop’s at the Saddledome at 4:00pm. 

Dillon Dube likely will not play, ( day to day with LBI ) did not skate during Saturday’s practice and there is no morning skate tomorrow. 

Geoff Ward did say that they’ll take a look at how things look in the morning and go from there. 

If Dube is unavailable, the lines will likely look like this: 

Johnny Gaudreau – Sean Monahan – Dominik Simon

Andrew Mangiapane – Elias Lindholm – Matthew Tkachuk

Sam Bennett – Mikael Backlund – Josh Leivo

Milan Lucic – Derek Ryan – Joakim Nordstrom

Mark Giordano – Rasmus Andersson

Noah Hanifin – Christopher Tanev

Juuso Valimaki – Nikita Nesterov

Jacob Markstrom 

Things to watch: 

The Flames will reunite with TJ Brodie for the first time this season, after he signed with the Maple Leafs in free agency. Brodie has been heavy on the assists so far this season with three points in six games.

Chris Tanev has been an absolute beaut for the Flames. He took time to practice and shoot around with some of the younger guys yesterday.

Not only is he playing an intricate role on the penalty kill, he is showing his leadership abilities.

Goalie Frederik Andersen’s season has not been off to a hot start. With an .898 SV% and averaging nearly 3 goals against, he’s already in playoff form.

The Flames are going to have to play another full sixty minutes of hockey on both ends of the ice. Toronto is a scary team when they’re healthy and on the same wave length. The Flames have their work cut out for them.

Puck drops at 4:00pm EST. Make sure you check back for your postgame coverage!


Matthew Tkachuk is Your Next Flames Captain

Mark Giordano’s contract is up at the end of the season and with his age you have to think about him calling it a career. Who would be next to fill the Captain’s shoes? When looking at the Flames roster you see a few standout names. Matthew Tkachuk should fly off that paper. 

Making A Case For Himself

The 23-year-old has already made a name for himself in the sense of being a well-rounded player and an agitator. Some call him a mini Brad Marchand. No matter which way you take that, it’s a compliment. After all, Marchand is one of the best left wingers in the game.  

Captaincy doesn’t mean you’re the best player on the team and can put up the most numbers each season. You possess an unmatched level of dedication to the game and your teammates.

Tkachuk is a player you can count on to retaliate if a teammate is hurt. He isn’t afraid to be the agitator. There’s a style to his gameplay that is gritty and he admits that he needs to be physical and not just a goal scorer.

I don’t see his talent up for debate at all. As he led the team in points last season. In 293 regular-season games, he has a total of 235 points. There’s no denying he’s good at hockey and will continue to prosper in the league especially if the Flames use this mini rebuild as a chance to build around him. 

Tkachuk is a very emotional athlete. You see it when he fights or when he’s in the press box watching an elimination game. 

Tkachuk’s performance during the 2019-20 playoffs kept the team alive. He, unfortunately, had to be sidelined due to injury. Whenever they showed him in the pressbox, you could tell how frustrated he was and how desperately he wanted to be out on the ice with his teammates. This was the solidifying moment for me. The Flames played a tighter game when he was on the ice. His presence is a force to be reckoned with. You’re not “safe” when Chucky is on the ice. I’d imagine you’re always looking over your shoulder and not entirely focused, especially if you’re behind the net. Seems to be a sweet spot for the future captain. 

Growing into the role 

He isn’t afraid to step up and put an aggressor in their spot but he’s also not afraid to get under someone’s skin. His history with Drew Doughty comes to mind. In a way, he reminds me of Zdeno Chara. Granted, Chara is 7 feet on skates and it’s a little terrifying going up to him but Tkachuk still has people shaking in their boots if they decide to go after a Flames player. He’s not afraid to retaliate. The Flames power play can take care of the rest. 

It may be next season or years from now, but expect a C on 19’s jersey. After all, like father, like son.