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Goalie talk and more from a former DekHockey goalie (that counts for something, right?). Believe it or not, I will actually do something with this page someday, but I’ve been a little preoccupied trying to figure out its purpose in the universe, so while that’s still being figured out, here goes nothing…

B8t-eerCAAEB9mpBoy what a weird thing this would have been if the Andrew Raycroft for the rights for Tuukka Rask trade never happened, huh?

If I can ever get around to making a chart and tracking stats for every goaltender in the league, I would totally do it and it would look a little like something below.

Likewise, if you wanted to help branch out our projected stats/goalie stats development with whatever free time you have, that’d be cool too. Send us an email to

Here’s a few of my favorite things that I’ve written on here:


Patrick Roy Part Deux

Completely Biased DTFR Awards for Our Egos

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.25.27 AM
I’m eventually going to have a much cooler chart, but first I probably have a paper to finish.






This is my all time favorite moment from The Office by the way.


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